Kurzweil Tastiera K 2600

Kurzweil Tastiera K 2600

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Kurzweil Tastiera K 2600
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Professionals around the world use Kurzweil instruments for all their production needs. From film studios and composers to the U.S. Government, Kurzweil delivers the quality and award-winning audio that is required by the best. Continuing this tradition, Kurzweil is proud to offer the K2600. Fully compatible with all K2 models that Kurzweil offers, professionals can continue their work without interruption, always confident that archived work will be compatible. Building on Kurzweil's world-renowned operating system, the K2600 can do more than ever before. The new operating system expands the algorithms from 32 to 127 with Kurzweil's exclusive Triple Modular Processing. The K2600 is a complete workstation, allowing the user to work from concept to completion without changing stations.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Marca Kurzweil
Serie K 2600
Link produttore http://kurzweil.com
Distributore M. Casale Bauer
Link Distributore http://www.casalebauer.com